About us

We are Teck-Corals

Teck-Corals is located in Kirchheim unter Teck in the administrative district of Esslingen am Neckar, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Because of our location near to the Autobahn A8, we can easily be visited. If you are travelling near to our place, just get in touch with us and drop by.

Company logo

The name of the city Kirchheim unter Teck may let you assume that Kirchheim is located beneath the castle Teck. If you have a look at castle Teck you will see many hills and mountains, which are the first foothills of the Swabian Alb. As reef aquarists the shape of these hills made us think of waves. We started developing our first company logo with this thought and that's the way out current logo was created.


We started our first reef tank in 2013. In that point of time we made our first experiences with our salty friends from the sea. In 2015 we started culturing zoanthids and we were able to collect many different kinds. In 2017 our coral culture moved from the living room to the basement where we build up low reef tanks. That day we already had over 100 different kinds of zoas. In 2018 we decided to found Teck-Corals. In the middle of 2018 we started our online shop and in the end of 2018 we extended our coral culture to 7 reef tanks. At the moment we realize 2 more reef tanks.

Aqua culture

The biggest part in our culture are the colorful zoanthids, lps and sps.We emphasize to have as many as possible corals from German aqua culture.