We are back

12.11.2020 21:50

In the last few days we had a couple of work to do. Some things are already visible, some will be available soon.

Bargain alert: in the categories you can find the category "Sale" now. From time to time I will add corals here with reduced prices.

In the footer of the page you can find "Seawater, simple as that". In the future we will add videos and useful advices to the topic of seawater

The Coralfinder moved to the right top side of the page. You are still welcome to send us pictures of your corals, in order to add them..

For having beenoffline for 3 days now, we have a little suprise for you. Until the end of this week (15th of November) you can get a free coral with each order.

The following corals are available:
Montipora Mean Steak 2-3cm
Euphyllia Mint 1 head
Zoanthus Fake Chilli 2 polyp

Please write the name of the corals of your choice to the comment field of your order at Teck-Corals.
I am very happy, that the online shop is back online. Please give us feedback, if you like it.